7 Tips That Will Help You Pass Referencing Quickly

7 Tips That Will Help You Pass Referencing Quickly

For various reasons, a rising number of people are opting to rent a bills-inclusive room rather than own or let a whole property in Kent. Because of the increase in renters, making the market more competitive, passing tenant referencing swiftly and easily is now more vital than ever.

The tenant referencing process is quite simple to complete, but only if you are aware of the potential stumbling blocks. In this helpful tutorial, we’ll go through some of the steps you’ll need to do if you want to pass a tenant background check with minimal fuss.

Be Honest

Rather than letting your letting agent or landlord discover unpleasant news about you, it’s always preferable to be proactive and notify them of anything you believe they should be aware of.

Landlords and letting agents do not need to know everything about you, so only provide the necessary details. They’ll be interested in things like unpleasant prior experiences with previous landlords, which may lead to poor references or a shady credit rating.

Being truthful from the start will serve you well. The fact that you are prepared to discuss a topic that may infringe on you demonstrates that you have integrity and are not attempting to hide anything. Landlords and letting agents will always look favourably on someone who has laid their cards on the table when performing a tenant reference check. Remember that they will find out regardless; therefore, honesty is always the best policy.

Paperwork ready to go?

During the tenant referencing process, this is frequently a stumbling block. While not having your documentation on hand will not prohibit you from passing the check, it will cost you time. As we indicated in the introduction, the competition for rental properties is heating up, so you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary delays.

You’ll need references for renting (both from your employment and previous/current landlords), bank statements, and, if necessary, a passport and visa. Having things ready to go immediately can significantly reduce the amount of time you’ll have to wait, and it could spell the difference between you receiving the tenancy or not.

Sound your referees out

Many tenants have the incorrect belief that landlords and letting agents do not actually call their referees. Don’t get into this misguided notion. All good tenant referencing checks will entail at least one phone call or email to your current or prior employment and/or landlord. However, they can only go so far.

If your referees give your new landlord or letting agency an excuse and ask them to call back later, the agent or landlord may call back once or twice, but no more. As a result, it is critical that you contact persons you have named as referees so they understand the significance of the call they can expect.

Respond to any correspondence as quickly as possible
Unresponsive referees are one thing; a renter who refuses to act quickly is quite another. If your letting agent or landlord requests information, you should do everything in your power to respond as fast as possible.

You will be needed to fill out documents and conduct other monotonous tasks as part of the tenant referencing process, but don’t put them off. If you complete them fast, you will have a far better chance of passing the tenant screenings and obtaining the desired property.


Among other things, tenant reference checks will look for affordability. To receive the go-ahead, you’ll most likely require at least 30 times the monthly rent for the room. So, if the property you’re interested in costs £650 a month, you’ll need to show that your annual income is at least £19,500 (£650 x 30 = £19,500). If you don’t, and your income is less than 30 times the monthly rent, you may fail the tenant reference check. All of our room adverts have a handy affordability calculator on them to save you from using a calculator.

Will you need a Guarantor?

Let’s face it, we probably already know whether or not we’ll pass a credit check, so why take a chance? Too often, prospective tenants start the tenant referencing process with their fingers crossed but no backup plan in place.

If you suspect your credit history is lacking (and you should do your own credit check before beginning the procedure – Have a look at Equifax, Experian or Credit Karma; they’re all free!), it’s a smart idea to find a guarantor before the tenant background check begins. If the worst happens, you’ll have a guarantor’s information on hand and will be able to provide a feasible alternative to your landlord or rental agent.

If you believe you will need a guarantor, keep in mind that they will need to go through the tenant reference process in the same manner as you. The only major distinction is that they will not be required to provide references from past landlords because they will not be residing in the property. Here’s a handy little blog on What Is A Guarantor?

It is critical to account for the additional time that this may require. If you suspect you will need to have a guarantor to secure the property, you should discuss this with your landlord or rental agent as soon as possible.

Have your finances ready

Obviously, you will have performed credit checks and other similar tasks prior to beginning the tenant referencing process, but your financial responsibilities do not end there.

To guarantee a smooth transition into your preferred rental, ensure you have all the essential deposits and rent ready to pay at any time. Again, like the previously mentioned paperwork, it is unlikely that this would hinder your ability to pass tenant referencing, but not having it ready will add unneeded delays to the process.

That’s all. Nothing too difficult. However, failing to listen to this advice might cost you dearly. If you are serious about obtaining the rental accommodation you desire, you must ensure that you will put your best foot forward from the start.

If you require any further assistance with tenancies or renting in Kent, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members on 01233 367 367. They will be able to guide you through the process and into a room that best meets your needs.

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